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Fly control and fly control units


Fly control units

Fly control units keep flies under control and safeguard your home or business against the health and safety issues that flies bring. We supply and install a range of affordable UV fly control units for customers across Cambridgeshire. 

30+ years experience

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Commercial UV Fly Control Units

Fly control is essential for all commercial properties, especially commercial businesses that manufacture or sell food. APC offer a range of commercial fly control units, our friendly team can come and survey your property to ensure that correct fly control unit is recommended for your needs. In addition, we will install the unit and can return for maintenance visits if required. 

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Why control flies?

Flies spread disease and bacteria which presents a problem to many businesses, particularly a food outlet. The pose a danger to public health as they feast on things that rot and decay and lay their eggs in rubbish, bins and faeces. Their indiscriminate feeding habits mean they can pick up nasty bacteria and transfer it to meal preparation surfaces or foodstuffs. 

Flies can spread dozens of different diseases including salmonella, tuberculosis, cholera, and dysentery which is why commercial fly control units are so important. Used in all types of businesses, including cafes, pubs and department stores, they play a vital role in keeping the fly population under control. Fly control units zap all types of flying insects including the common house fly, green bottles and fruit flies.

Types of Fly Control Units

APC sell wall hanging, ceiling and free-standing fly control units for small or large premises including kitchens, factories, hotels, schools, care homes and food outlets. We also have decorative fly control units in discreet and contemporary designs for front of house use in restaurants, shops, bars and even in your own home. 


Wall hanging fly control units


Decorative fly control units


Ceiling fly control units

What people say

"Been using Anglian Pest Control for many years now and they have always been professional and responsive. We have a contract and I don't have to worry about reminding them they just turn up regular as clockwork to check the traps and ensure everything is okay. Response time for problems is also excellent and we would not hesitate to recommend them."

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